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Summary Table Of Civil Engineering Design Experience

The following list of projects are civil site design projects that were completed by the principal engineers at Pigeon–Roberts & Associates, LLC. Many of the projects were completed over the last several years while the principal engineers were employed with former companies.

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Roadway and Highway Design

  • Public Roadways (City And County)
  • FDOT Roadways
  • Private Client Roadway Projects

Civil Site Design Experience

  • Public Client (City And County)
  • Recreation Facility Site Plans
  • Private Client Civil Site Plan Projects
  • Schools And Institutions

Wastewater Facilities and Systems

  • City Wastewater Systems & Facilities
  • County Wastewater Systems & Facilities
  • State Agencies Wastewater Systems & Facilities
  • Private Wastewater Systems & Facilities
  • Wastewater (Cities)
  • Wastewater (Counties)
  • Wastewater (State Agencies)
  • Wastewater (Private)

Drinking Water Facilities and Distribution

  • County Water Distribution System Projects
  • State Agencies Water Systems
  • Private Utilities And Water Authorities

Roadway and Highway Design

Public Roadways (City And County)

Alachua County Board of County Commission

  • SW 24th Avenue PD&E Study
  • SW 24th Avenue multi lane urban roadway with bike path and median, pedestrian walkway, landscaping and round-a-bouts. 1.0 mile, Gainesville, FL
  • CR 225 safety upgrades and reconstruction, incl. super-elevation and drainage improvements for 9.54 miles, 2-land rural roadway.
  • Tower Road PD&E Study and roadway design to 60% stage. (project canceled)
  • Ludwig Lake drainage watershed and flood control study

Baker County Board of County Commission

  • Enterprise East Boulevard, 4-lane urban truck entrance boulevard, 1330 LF with intersection connection to SR 10 (US 90). Design, permitting, Traffic analysis and Construction administration.

Town of Interlachen

  • 1999 CDBG Neighborhood revitalization roadway project, 9,400 LF of rural roadway design, permitting & construction administration. Putnam Co., FL

City of Crystal River

  • N.W. 19th Street (N. W. Turkey Oak Drive) Urban 2-lane 1,860 LF road design, permitting, and construction Administration.

City of Belleview

  • CDBG grant roadway design, permitting & construction administration
  • Robinson Roadway reconstruction and streetscape enhancement project.

Marion County Board of County Commission

  • CR 484 reconstruction for 3.8 miles of 2-land rural highway.
  • Woods & Lakes Assessment District Roadway & Drainage project. 15 ,miles of 2-lane residential roadways to service 1,140 residence. Design, permitting, MOT, public involvement and Construction administration.
  • Baseline Roadway extension drainage analysis & permitting.
  • Marion County Assessment District projects, Citra Mini Acres, SW 194th Avenue, SE 170th Street, SW 20th Avenue,and Oxford Heights Roadway design and construction projects. (7.8 miles)

Sumter County Board of County Commission

  • CR 470 roadway resurfacing from I-75 to CR 44, 4.96 miles if 1.5 inch overlay over a Perto-mat geotextile under lament. Engineering & CEI services.
  • Sumter County CR 44A from US 301 to SR 44, 3.60 miles of 2.5 inches of asphalt with an A.R.M.I. crack relief under course. Engineering & CEI services.
  • Sumter County CR 48 from I-75 to the Citrus County Line. 8.0 miles of S-3 surface course. Engineering & CEI services.

City of willistion

  • 1997 Roadway Paving CDBG neighborhood revitalization. Design, SWFWMD permit and Construction administration.
FDOT Roadways

FDOT – District 5

  • SR 530 Urban 6 lane collector roadway, Osceola co., FL

FDOT – District 7

  • US 41 South Pasco Co,. 4-lane arterial roadway drainage design
Private Client Roadway Projects


  • Crystal Springs Shopping Center SR 44 FDOT access connection Design & Permitting.

Rainbow Springs, Ltd.

  • Rainbow Springs Grand Park and Grand Park North development roadways & drinage

Black Diamond Properties, Ltd.

  • Black Diamond roadway resurfacing 2003 and 2008, 4.5 miles

Oak Ridge Business Center

  • Oak Ridge III, on-site urban roadway design and FDOT intersection connections design and permitting. Marion Co., FL

Lecanto Investment Properties, Inc.

  • Crystal Glen Phase 1 and Phase 2 roadways and development plans. Citrus co., FL

River Cove Landings

  • River Cove Landings Entrance and Round-a-Bout
  • Single Family Development and community roadways and drainage analysis.

Meadowcrest Development, Inc.

  • Meadowcrest Boulevard, 1.0 mile 4-lane collector roadway.

Juliette Falls, Vikings LLC

  • 394 lot development roadways and drainage plans, permitting and construction administration.
  • Community Entrance FDOT intersection connection with widened entrance and turn lanes.
  • Roadway plans including round-a-bout & sidewalks.

River Creek RV Resort

  • 385 RV Resort roadway design plans with NE Hwy 314 connection upgrades and turn lanes. Traffic analysis. Design & permitting.

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Civil Site Design Experience

Public Client (City And County)

Citrus County Board of County Comm.

  • Citrus County Government Center (40 acre site pan)
  • Forest Ridge Library
  • Inverness Airport fuel Facility
  • Crystal River Airport Fuel Facility

Orange County

  • Fire Station 28 – Site design/Stormwater, Private Well, Septic Tank/ Drainfield

City of Crystal River

  • Crystal River Fire Station Addition
  • Crystal River Mall – Civil/Site Plans review and Design of Turkey Oak Rd. Access
  • Crystal River Wastewater treatment facility civil site plan and sprayfield site plans.
  • Stormwater Management Plan and Stormwater System Atlas.

City of Belleview

  • Master Drainage Plan
  • Drainage analysis and study for Watershed Area No. 11
  • CDBG grant roadway construction and drainage analysis

City of Inverness

  • New City Hall Conceptual Site Plan alternatives report (preliminary Engineering)

Florida Department of Transportation

  • Columbia County WWTP expansion site plan.
Recreation Facility Site Plans

City of Crystal River

  • Yomans Park picnic and canoe launch park with shelters and boardwalk.
  • Legrone Park Baseball & Softball park with maintenance building

Citrus County Board of County Comm.

  • Homosassa Recreation Park (soccer complex)
  • Government Center Community Park

City of Inverness

  • Whispering Pines Park swimming pool complex
  • Men’s softball complex fields addition, site design, lighting, bathrooms and parking.

City of Belleview

  • FERDAP grant soccer fields and access roadway site design & permitting
Private Client Civil Site Plan Projects


  • Crystal Springs Shopping Center (Publix)
  • Marion Oaks Publix Shopping Center planning and conceptual plans.

Rainbow Springs, Ltd.

  • Winn-Dixie shopping center
  • Rainbow Springs Golf & Country Club (Clubhouse complex addition and renovation)
  • RBS Sales Office and Administration Complex addition and renovation
  • RBS Community Beach and Security Office site plans.
  • Grand Park North Mail Box Station
  • Rainbow Springs Grand Park and Grand Park North

Oak Run (DECCA)

  • Executive Center Golf Facility Site Plan, Utilities, Parking and Driving Range
  • Oak Run “Highlands” Golf Course and Golf Clubhouse Complex
  • Oak Run Aquatic Center site plans
  • West Main Gate and South Main Gate site plans

Gulf-To-Lakes Baptist Church

  • Gulf-To-Lakes Baptist Church site, Citrus Co., FL

Crystal River United Methodist Church

  • Church Facility Master Plan and site design, Water system, On-side Sewage treatment system, Citrus Co., FL

LTI, Industries, Inc.

  • Bath & Spa Manufacturing Facility Site Plans (Lake Co, FL), Lake Co., FL

PRISM Hotels

  • Plantation Hotel Expansion & Meeting Rooms, Parking and Wet Detention Drainage systems, Citrus Co., FL

Ocala Pentecostal Church

  • Church drainage plan & Permitting, Marion Co., FL

Black Diamond Properties, Ltd.

  • Sales Center
  • Black Diamond Golf Course & Clubhouse complex
  • Golf Maintenance Complex
  • Black Diamond Golf Course (Quarry Course, Highlands course and Ranch Course)
  • Black Diamond entrance guard house

Southern Woods

  • 18-hole Golf Course and Clubhouse Facilities
  • Golf Maintenance Facility complex

Citrus Hills (Hampton Hills)

  • Andrey’s Restaurant civil site
  • Citrus Hills Sales Center
  • Ted Williams Retrospective Museum
  • Hampton Hills ommunity Center

Oak Ridge Business Center

  • Mercantile Center (Lots 2 & 3) Commercial Site Plans for 16,700 sf retail center
  • Campus Center (Lots 11 & 12) Commercial Site Plans for 16,800 sf retail center
  • Oak Ridge III, 50,000 SF commercial retail center civil site design, platting, and permitting.

Dr. Magyar

  • Magyar office complex

Arthur D. Radice

  • Surry Place (50 bed ALF facility site plan – Phase 1)


  • New Sales Center Complex
  • OTOW Commercial Business Park
  • Lot 4 OTOW Business Park
  • Arbor Club Milti-use Community Center (pool complex, Tennis Center, Meeting complex)

Lecanto Investment Properties, Inc.

  • Crystal Glen Community Center
  • Crystal Glen Baptist Church

River Cove Landings

  • Condominium 2 Development Area
  • Condominium 3 development Area
  • Condominium 4 development Area
  • River Cove Landings Entrance and Round-a-Bout
  • Single Family Development and community drainage analysis.

Meadowcrest Development, Inc.

  • Meadowcrest Industrial Building
  • Technology Scuare (industrial Building site plan)
  • Vantage Point (industrial Bldg. site plan)
  • Meadowcrest Recreation/Community Center
  • Meadowcerst Office Complex (Phase 1 and 2)
  • Meadowcrest Office Park
  • Meadowcrest Office Park First Addition
  • Meadowcrest water Plant
  • Summerhill Condominiums site plan review and coordination.
  • Arbor Court
  • Fairmont Village
  • Hillside Village

Citrus Equipment Co.

  • Commercial Site Plan

Paddock Park Associates, Ltd.

  • Highlands Professional Center, (Ocala, FL)


  • Preliminary Site Design – Wal-Mart South center, (Crystal River, FL)

Cannon Architects, Inc.

  • Community Care Psychiatric Hospital, 100 bed facility and campus plans

Juliette Falls, Vikings LLC

  • 18-Hole Golf course grading and drainage plans, permitting and construction admin.
  • Community Entrance civil site plans.
  • Golf Shelter site plans
  • Roadway and subdivision plans include round-a-bout and 294 lot development.

Handy Way, Inc. (Little Champ Stores)

  • CR 484/CR 491 Corner Store

KAI Architects, Inc. (Houston)

  • Walgreens at Forest Ridge Boulevard

Wilherst Development, Inc.

  • ECKARDS (US 19 and SR 44) Crystal River, FL

Gulf to Lakes Corp.

  • RiverHaven Marina Expansion

Dr. Karpovck

  • Commercial site plans for 5000 sf Doctors Office and 2500 sf Retail Building

River Creek RV Resort

  • 385 RV Resort site plans with Administration, Clubhouse and Pavilion Building site plans on 160 acres. Included water and wastewater treatment plants, Boardwalks, NE Hwy 314 upgrades, Mail Box Station, Dump Station and site amenities.

H&R Investors, Inc.

  • Commercial site plan for 12,000 sf Retail Commercial Center

Knights of Columbus

  • Meeting Hall civil site plans for 5,800 sf Meeting Hall facilities, Ocala, FL

Linn Residence

  • Civil site plan for Environmentally Sensitive Overlay Zone project ton Lake Wier

TECON Corporation, Plantation Inn Phase II Fractional Development

  • Civil site plans for 5 building fractional residential development project on Crystal River canal.

N/T Florida, LLC

  • Civil site plans for 48,500 sf retail/commercial building in City of Ocala

L&H Produce Blueberry Farm

  • Civil Site design, Water Use Permitting, Erosion control plans, for 117 acre site blueberry farm , (Alachua co. , FL)

Zellwood Station Co-op, Inc.

  • New reclaimed water irrigation system and golf course lake design, permitting and construction administraiton

Market Place at Heathbrook

  • Civil Site Plans and Drainage Plans Independent Consultant Plans Review for H.W. Barrineau & Associates, P.E.
Schools And Institutions

Marion County Public Schools

  • New Forest High School Civil site plans review and QA/QC Plans Checking for MCPS.
  • Shady Hill Elementary School access driveway design and reconstruction to solve traffic problem.

Citrus County School Board

  • Crystal River Middle School renovations, Campus reconstruction.
  • Crystal River Primary School Cafeteria Addition / Bus loop and Parking facilities
  • Crystal River Middle School Master Drainage Plan
  • Crystal River Elementary School Addition & Parking facilities
  • Inverness Middle School Major addition reconstruction, Parking, Bus lot, Sports Fields & access roadway.
  • Several Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant permits and permit renewals.

University of Florida

  • P.K. Yonge School site reconstruction
  • P.K. Yonge Parking lot and Football field drainage.
  • University Campus wide Phase II Water Main upgrades and fire flow improvements.
  • Four existing deep well abandonment projects, specifications and construction administration
  • Various University Courtyard and Campus Drainage Corrections

Diocese of St. Petersburg

  • Central Catholic School Campus Civil Site (Citrus Co, FL)
  • Water and sewer off-site system design to service Central Catholic School

Diocese of Orlando

  • Trinity Catholic High School (Temp. Classroom site plans)
  • Blessed Trinity School driveway addition
  • Trinity Catholic High School 1200 seat Bleacher Addition
  • Civil Site and Landscape Plans for new 18,000 sf sports field house on TCHS campus.
  • Trinity Catholic High School Fieldhouse, Civil Site and Landscape Plans for new 18,000 Sf sports field house, parking and courtyards.
  • TCHS Football field reconstruction

Central Florida Community College

  • Lecanto Campus Master Plan and Civil Site Design, Water & Sewer System, Water plant, Wastewater treatment facility, Fire water supply wells and pump system.

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Wastewater Facilities and Systems

City Wastewater Systems & Facilities

City of Belleview

  • 2000 CDBG sewer system reconstruction and Lift station upgrades
  • Wastewater Facilities Master Plan and Rate Review
  • WWTP Residuals Management Sludge Dewatering Facility

City of Dunnellon

  • 0.250 MGD activated sludge Wastewater Treatment Facility and RDA (FmHA) Grant
  • 0.250 effluent disposal system spray irrigation facility and RDA (FmHA) Grant.
  • Wastewater collection system City mapping
  • US 41 roadway widening sewer system plans review

City of Crystal River

  • US Hwy 19 South sewer expansion CDBG project
  • Areas 5,6 & 7 sewer expansion project
  • Disadvantaged Small Community Wastewater Grant (DSCGP) sewer collection system expansion ($11.5 million expansion)
  • Reconstruction of the 1928 Sewer collection System
  • Bunt’s Point Sewer Assessment District and Wastewater Collection System
  • Woodland Estates Sewer Assessment District and Wastewater Collection System
  • CR wastewater treatment facility – 1.5 MGD
  • CR Effluent Disposal Sprayfield facilities 110 acres, 1.5 MGD
  • CR 16 inch effluent forcemain – 4.5 miles
  • Duplex Lift Station No. 34
  • CR Wastewater System Master Plan 2004
  • Wastewater System Atlas mapping and GIS database

City of Williston

  • City of Williston 1999 CDBG Sewer System Expansion to Williston Airport
  • 2001 CDBG sewer collection system and lift station addition on S.W. 7th Avenue

City of Inverness

  • Master pump station upgrades
  • Colonnade Street Lift Station and Gravity Sewer
  • Lift Station No.5 (Tri-Plex Regional)
  • SR 44 East FDOT sewer system utility adjustment plans
  • US 41 south FDOT sewer utility adjustment plans for FDOT JPA project

City of Kissimmee

  • US 192 (SR 530) utility adjustment plans

City of Alachua

  • WWTP Capacity Analysis and O&M Report for facility expansion to 3.0 MGD
County Wastewater Systems & Facilities

Citrus County

  • Citrus Hills Offsite Water and Sewer system with Duplex Master Lift Station
  • Betz Farm/SR 44 Offsite Water/Sewer System (1 duplex & 2 tri-plex pump stations)
  • North Rock Crusher Water Distribution and Wastewater Systems
  • Black Diamond Offsite Water And Sewer Extension
  • Crystal Glen offsite water and sewer system

Orange County

  • Cheney Heights and Franklin Heights Water Distribution System, Wastewater Collection System, & Stormwater System Improvements

Baker County

  • Enterprise East Wastewater Collection/Transmission system
  • Two duplex sewer pump stations for Enterprise East (Wal-Mart Distribution Center)

Marion County

  • Timber Ridge Sewer Pump Station and force
  • CR 464 Sewer System Model (SewerCAD) and Report
  • Marion Oaks and Oak Run sewer system Atlas mapping
State Agencies Wastewater Systems & Facilities

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

  • Homosassa Park wastewater collection system expansion, reconstruction and expansion.

Florida Department of Transportation-District 2

  • I-95/SR 206 St. Johns County Area Sanitary Sewer Lift Stations, 6.5 mile Force Main and Potable Water Main
  • Columbia County I-75 Rest Area Wastewater treatment Plant expansion to Class -1 50,000 GPD capacity.
Private Wastewater Systems & Facilities

Florida Water Services

  • Spring Hill 16 inch Reuse Water Transmission Main to Timber Pines

Oak Run (DECCA) Utilities

  • Oak Run Lift stations and wastewater collection system ( 3,600 residential units)
  • State Road 200 Wastewater Collection System Extension

Rainbow Springs Utilities, L.C.

  • Wastewater Collection system and lift stations ( over 4,200 residential units)
  • Lift Station No. 6 reconstruction and 8 inch force main system
  • 2009 Wastewater System master Plan
  • Grand Park North Wastewater Collection System with three Lift Stations

Southern States Utilities

  • Marion Oaks Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion & Upgrades
  • Sugarmill Woods Wastewater Treatment Plant, Oxidation Ditch

University of Florida, IFAS

  • Hastings Research Center Water and Sewer Main Extensions and Bridge Crossing

Central Florida Community College

  • Wastewater Collection / Transmission system w/ one Duplex Sewer Pump Station

Oak Ridge Business Center

  • Oak Ridge Business center II - Wastewater Collection system
  • Oak Ridge Business center III – off-site wastewater system and master pump station with FDOT SR 200 jack & bore crossing

River Creek RV Resort

  • Wastewater collection and transmission system to service 385 sites w/ 3 lift stations

Juliette Falls

  • Wastewater collection transmission system to service 294 homes w/ 3 lift stations

Meadowcrest Development

  • Wastewater Collection / transmission systems to service 1200 home development with one master pump station and 1.2 mile forcemain
Wastewater (Cities)

City of Belleview

  • City of Belleview Water and Sewer Rate Study and preliminary design of WWTP expansion with cost estimates.
  • Evaluation of effluent metering station installation.
  • Design of residuals dewatering facility with Pieralisi Centrifuge dewatering unit.

City of Crystal River

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant 1.50 MGD MLE complete facility Oxidation Ditch design expansion
  • 110 acre effluent disposal spray irrigation facility, holding pond and 4.2 mile 16” pipeline for Water Reuse Land Application Project
  • CR WWTP surge tank & Air Blower Facility Addition and Headworks repairs.

City of Dunnellon

  • City of Dunnellon Wastewater Treatment Plant replacement for 0.250 MGD facility
  • City of Dunnellon effluent disposal 80 acre sprayfield facility and reuse pump station

City of Williston

  • City of Williston Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Processing Facilities
  • City of Williston WWTP CDBG Project Headworks and Clarifier Expansion Additions
  • City of Williston capacity Analysis report and O&M Report, Permit Renewal

City of Inverness

  • WWTP Capacity Analysis Report and O&M Report
  • Emergency Repairs to Effluent holding pond & Pond bypass piping design
  • Preliminary design and Cost estimated for WWWTP Expansion to replace RBC’s.

City of Alachua

  • WWTP capacity analysis and Facility Expansion Plan to 1.5 MGD
Wastewater (Counties)

Citrus County

  • Meadowcrest Regional WWTP (Phase 1) 0.098 MGD with RIB’s
  • Canterbury Lake Estate Regional WWTP (Phase 1) with RIB’s
  • Brentwood Wastewater Treatment Facility, 0.500 MGD Oxidation Ditch MLE design

Marion County

  • Summerglen WWTP Capacity Analysis and O&M Report, FDEP Permit Renewal
  • Salt Springs WWTP Capacity Analysis and O&M Report, FDEP Permit Renewal
Wastewater (State Agencies)

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

  • Homosassa State Wildlife Park Wastewater Treatment Plant, 0.020 MGD

Florida Department of Transportation - District 2

  • Nassau County Welcome Station Wastewater Treatment Study and Improvements
  • Columbia County FDOT Rest Area WWTP expansion and multi-mod operation design. 0.050 MGD with high surge occurance design.
Wastewater (Private)

Vikings, LLC

  • Juliette Falls WWTP, 0.100 MGD Class 1 Reliability, MLE multi-capacity with High level Disinfection and Public Access Reuse.

Florida Water Services

  • Spring Hill Wastewater Reclamation Plant

Oak Run (DECCA Utilities)

  • Oak Run Wastewater Treatment Plant, 0.800 MGD MLE & High Level Disinfection

Rainbow Springs Utilities, L.C.

  • Rainbow Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant 0.275 MGD; MLE with 35 acre Sprayfield Effluent Disposal
  • 2007/2008 Expansion Plan and Preliminary Engineering Study & Report
  • Annual reuse reporting
  • Capacity Analysis Report and Facility Permit Renewal 2001 and 2006

Southern States Utilities

  • Marion Oaks Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion & Modifications
  • Sugarmill Woods Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Spring Hill WWTF expansion to 2.0 MGD.

River Creek RV Resort

  • 0.045 MGD Wastewater Treatment facility and 17 Acre Slow Rate Land Application spray irrigation system.

River Cove Landings, LLC

  • WWTP FDEP permit renewals and expansion design to 0.015 MGD

Central Florida Community College

  • WWTP design, permitting and construction of a 0.20 MGD facility for new Citrus County Campus.

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Drinking Water Facilities and Distribution

County Water Distribution System Projects

Baker County

  • Wal-Mart Distribution Center 12 inch water main 2.4 miles

Marion County

  • Oak Run Water Distribution System CADD Mapping
  • Pine Run Water Distribution System CADD Mapping

Citrus County

  • Black Diamond Offsite 24 , 18 and 12 inch Water And Sewer System
  • Hernando 12 inch Water System
  • Fort Island Trail 6.5 mile 6 inch Water main and Salt River Bridge Crossing
  • Citrus Hills Offsite Water and Sewer
  • Betz Farm/SR 44 Offsite 18 inch Water main and Sewer System
  • North Rock Crusher 12 inch Water Distribution System
  • Indian Waters – Water Assessment District and Water Distribution System

Alachua County

  • Alachua County NW Landfill Area Regional Water System

St. Johns County

  • Water Distribution System mapping and GIS conversion

Orange County

  • Cheney Heights and Franklin Heights Water Distribution System
State Agencies Water Systems

University of Florida - Physical Plant Division

  • Phase II Campus Wide 12 inch Water main System Upgrades and Extensions

Florida Department of Transportation-District 2

  • I-95/SR 206 St. Johns County FDOT Rest Area 6.5 mile 12” Potable Water Main

Florida State University

  • Water Distribution System Mapping

University of Florida, IFAS

  • Deep Well abandonment plans and construction documents for 5 wells
Private Utilities And Water Authorities

Homosassa Special Water District

  • Halls River Water Main Extension along FDOT US 19.
  • Grover Cleveland 12 inch Water Transmission Main
  • Mason Creek 12 inch Water Main Replacement
  • Yulee Drive 12 inch water transmission main with HDD

Rainbow Springs Utilities.

  • Rainbow Springs Master Water Distribution Plan and Model
  • RBS main water supply facility phase 1 and phase II expansions. Ground storage tank with high service pumping and gas chlorination
  • Well No. 15 addition – 12 inch 1000 GPM well facility and piping
  • 2009 Master Water Plan
  • PSC Rate Case Assistance


  • 16 inch water main extension
  • 24, 12, 8, & 6 inch main for Fairway Estates Development

Southern States Utilities (Florida Water)

  • Pine Ridge master water distribution system CYBERNET model
  • Forest Oaks water plant upgrades and reconstruction

Floral City Water Association

  • US 41 South 8 inch water line extension
  • Water distribution mapping and water system CYBERNET Model
  • Water Plant upgrades

DECCA Utilities (Oak Run)

  • Oak Run Water distribution system design and CYBERNET model ( 3,800 units & Commercial)
  • Pine Run water system study and water system service upgrades

Ozello Water Association

  • Water Distribution System CYBERNET water model

River Creek RV Resort

  • Water supply Facility w/Two 10” supply wells, two hydro tanks, emergency power generator and hypochlorination system.

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