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Engineering and Planning

Pigeon–Roberts & Associates' engineering staff is organized to provide specific public works infrastructure professional engineering project services. The firms municipal/civil design staff expertise encompasses County, City, institutional, commercial, and residential development projects. Our experience includes design and plans preparation, agency and regulatory permitting, capital improvements planning, site investigations, construction administration and inspection as well as contract administration and owner representation.

Engineering Services for Water and Wastewater Systems

Pigeon–Roberts & Associates' engineering staff provides planning, engineering and construction services for water supply and water distribution, wastewater treatment and disposal, wastewater collection and transmission, and related water resource engineering projects.  Other areas of expertise include long range planning for wastewater treatment and water supply "needs and sources" studies, Water Use and Consumptive Use Permitting, water conservation program development, water resource regulation, water supply facility and water distribution system design and analysis, wastewater treatment facility design, lift station design, low pressure sewer system design, as well as reclaimed water use design, permitting and implementation.

Our staff has also assisted many clients in developing and improving their local water supply and distribution systems and/or wastewater collection and treatment systems. For example, our staff has completed new water supplies for the City of Dunnellon, City of Inverness, City of Crystal River, Yankeetown, Town of Interlachen, City of Williston, City of Belleview, City of Mcclenny, Citrus County, and many more private large scale communities and commercial developments in central Florida. Our staff has also completed the design, permitting and construction management of several wastewater facility projects including expansions for the City of Crystal River, City of Williston, City of Dunnellon, Citrus County Bentwood Facility, Rainbow Springs, Oak Run, City of Belleview sludge processing, FDOT Columbia County WWTP, and several other private development facilities. Our WWTP engineering services also include several School Board facilities and many of the former Southern States Utilities (SSU) facilities in central Florida.

Civil Site Design Services

Our engineering staff is experienced in all aspects of civil site design, site planning and permitting.

Pigeon–Roberts & Associates takes a full service approach to civil site design project assignments and provides the necessary coordination to plan appropriate site use and function, perform necessary due diligence services for the owners consideration, coordination of related services needed to develop the site such as environmental reviews and assessments, geotechnical explorations, site surveys, zoning and land use changes, traffic studies and analysis and more.

Proper knowledge of land development regulations, water management district requirements, zoning and land use requirements and many other governing rules and procedures is key and essential for utilization of may sites. Pigeon–Roberts & Associates assists clients to understand the limitations, issues and procedures to develop a site.

Our more specific site engineering services include preparation of site plans, geometry and layout plans, grading and drainage plans, utility plans, parking and pavement plans, stormwater pollution prevention and erosion control plans, demolition plans, tree preservation plans and landscaping plans, and many more plan illustration designs, details and specifications to define and document to necessary work or construction needs for site development.

Projects completed by Pigeon–Roberts & Associates and/or key staff in the firm have ranged from large commercial retail development sites to single building doctors offices and/or businesses. Our experience includes electrical sub-station site design, telecommunications sites, water and wastewater facility sites, industrial parks and individual building sites, maintenance facilities, public works facilities, recreation parks, ballfields and public park facilities, hospitals and institutional facilities, firs stations, and many more public works and private site designs. The work of our staff has spanned many agencies and clients including Cities, Counties, FDOT, Sumter Electric Coop., Progress Energy, Private developers, Churches, School Boards, and more.

Roadway Services

Our engineering staff is experienced with corridor planning, investigation, design, and permitting of streets and highways for FDOT, local governments and private large scale developments. This includes corridor studies, location design studies, preliminary and final design. The firms professional engineers have prepared engineering studies to address the economic and engineering feasibility of design and location alternatives, intersection improvements and capacity expansion to accommodate increased travel demand, access connections and other related roadway engineering services.

Our roadway design project experience has ranged from small repair, resurfacing and rehabilitation projects including drainage, utility relocation, and minor traffic operations improvements to major urban arterial highways with curb and gutter and enclosed drainage systems, including maintenance of traffic plans, substantial drainage evaluation, stormwater permits and traffic engineering applications. Pigeon–Roberts & Associates' design staff has prepared construction plans, stormwater management plans, improvement studies and reports, and specifications for several miles of roadways within Central Florida.

Our staff has developed local engineering experience and they are thoroughly familiar with regulatory codes and permitting requirements. We maintain an ongoing working relationship with state agencies such as the St. Johns River Water Management District, Southwest Florida Water Management District, FDOT, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as well as the Army Corps of Engineers office, Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission and other agencies.

Stormwater and Drainage Engineering Services

Nearly all public works infrastructure projects today require some sort of consideration for stormwater management and/or Stormwater Pollution Prevention. From simple erosion control measures during construction to full design and construction of stormwater management facilities for flood protection, the staff of Pigeon–Roberts & Associates is experienced with design criteria, regulatory requirements and project analysis. A stormwater management system is a combination of physical infrastructure and appropriate regulation. A community’s basic infrastructure to carry away runoff to maintain roadway traffic, prevent property damage due to flooding, and to minimize downstream water quality impacts, must keep pace with the community’s growth.

In many communities, the stormwater conveyance system is a collection of storm sewers, gutters, culverts, canals, ditches, and bridged waterways, often pieced together over the years to varying engineering standards. Pigeon–Roberts & Associates uses a variety of software tools to model the performance of these systems, which allows quick understanding of their hydraulics, capacity, and pinpoints where improvements to capacity are needed. Design software used by the designers include: Hydraflow, PONDS® stormwater modeling package and in–house developed design spreadsheets.

Most new construction or capital improvement infrastructure projects conducted today require some form and consideration for stormwater management to implement the project. This could be a simple as filing a Notice of Intent with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as required by the NPDES program to demonstrate compliance and monitoring protocol for stormwater pollution prevention. More complex projects involving dewatering for utility installations, site design, roadway design, flood control, wetland protection, and stormwater management may involve many different regulatory agencies and coordination. Pigeon–Roberts & Associates assists our clients to successfully process applications and seek approvals from all stormwater agencies having jurisdiction over a given project.


Construction Management and Inspection Services

Pigeon–Roberts & Associates' engineering staff provides Construction Management and Inspection services for public works projects and our clients. It is our belief that the most efficient and successful project approach is to provide design services as well as the necessary follow through construction administration assistance to our clients as well as the necessary project oversight inspection to make sure the construction is completed in compliance with the intended design and quality construction presented in the project instructions, plans and specifications.

Our field staff is equipped with 4–wheel drive vehicles, field tools, digital camera and cell phone equipment as well as other tools to observe, document, record and verify the construction activities. Our field personnel hold various certifications and technical competence approvals to perform on–site project oversight and understand the processes of construction, chain of command and need to provide clear and complete documentation and communication to the project engineers and project managers.

Our project services typically include all of the construction support and implementation assistance for the design services defined above and typically include in addition to site observations a library of photo documentation, reports, measurements and tests. We assist with contractor payment application reviews, shop drawing and submittals reviews, operations and maintenance manual review and compilation, coordination of utilities and utility adjustments, review of project material inventories, and close out services for stat–up and final inspections.

Surveying and Mapping

Robotic Total Station

Developing any project, private or public, in the 21st century requires knowledgeable and experienced professionals. In recent years, real estate values associated with projects have experienced significant appreciation and the trend towards growth continues. As these values rise, the risks associated with the development process continue to rise as well, underscoring the need to assemble a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals with whom to consult so that these inherent risks are minimized.

Pigeon–Roberts & Associates, LLC, is well qualified to be a part of that team. We utilize state of the art technologies (Trimble GPS, Robotic Total Station, Survey Controller and STS900 software platforms, AutoCAD with Civil 3D) in delivering Surveying and Mapping solutions that are tailored to the needs of each of our clients.

With over 28 years in the Surveying and Mapping professional industry, we consider ourselves to be any client’s ‘Consultant Partner’. Our broad and diverse experience enables you to obtain the following surveying and mapping services with comfortable confidence from a sole provider.

  • Boundary Surveys (ALTA, MTS and other)
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Jurisdictional Wetlands SurveysSurvey Vehicle
  • Tree Location Surveys
  • Design Surveys
  • As-built / Record Surveys
  • GLO Retracement Surveys
  • Specific Purpose Surveys
  • Condominium Surveys
  • Subdivision Development and Platting
  • Horizontal and Vertical Control Surveys
  • Aerial Photographic Control
  • Eminent Domain and Condemnation
  • Legal Descriptions and associated Sketches
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Consultation for Pre-Suit Mediation

Regulatory agencies and permitting requirements create a complex environment within which today’s Professional Surveyor and Mapper must operate. Clients are entitled to a consultant who can produce well–reasoned and balanced solutions for their surveying and mapping needs. Pigeon–Roberts & Associates, LLC, is prepared to produce those well–reasoned and balanced solutions for the surveying and mapping needs of your next project.

State of the Art Technical Platform

Our Survey support capabilities include the most technologically advanced optical survey equipment for Servo, Autolock or Robotic surveying using the Trimble® Integrated Survey package. Our TRIMBLE® 5600 Robotic Total Station Survey equipment with Rapid Tracking Technology is extremely efficient for data collection and construction stakeout.

Surveying EquipmentOur equipment also includes a complete GPS receiver capable of performing Static, Rapid-Static and Real-time Kinematic (RTK). This equipment provides a technical survey platform that allows our field staff to work as a single surveyor or with a multi-person crew depending on the job requirements.

Our field services staff are provided with 4–wheel drive vehicles and are filly equipped for each field assignment, including cell phone communication and when necessary digital photo camera capability.Surveying Equipment

GPS has proven to be a very effective, accurate, and timesaving tool. Each potential Minor Project will be evaluated in terms of field conditions and a determination of the expected use to decide whether GPS would be a cost-effective method for data collection. It is a tool that surveyors use similar to electronic total stations and data collectors to precisely locate information in the field. A few of the survey services that can be efficiently performed by Pigeon–Roberts & Associates through GPS observations include:

  1. Feature Mapping - using code only for accuracy less than one meter.
  2. Topographic Mapping - using Real-time Kinematic techniques for one to three centimeter x, y, and z accuracy.
  3. Location of distant control points (such as the University of Florida Survey Control Network) - using rapid static techniques for positional accuracies of less than one centimeter.
  4. Geodetic Baseline Control - using both static and rapid static techniques for positional accuracies of less than one centimeter.

Surveyor Clipart

As Professional Surveyors and Mappers, we routinely look for opportunities to utilize the vast amount of spatial and geographic data that is available throughout the public domain for use in our projects, to the extent that they provide useful data from a credible source with known expressions of accuracy.

As many client often have to accommodate a compressed schedule format, you need a Surveying and Mapping consultant that can accurately satisfy your survey needs on schedule and within budget. We look forward to working together to reach solutions for your projects as one of your continuing services consultants. You will discover our staff is focused, easy to work with, and consistently responsive.