Pigeon–Roberts & Associates, LLC was formed in July 2005 as a local uniquely qualified firm providing professional services in Land Planning, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Surveying and Land Development Project Management. The Principal Engineers in the firm have worked on a variety of Large and small scale commercial, institutional, school and residential development projects and programs for over 28 years as Project Engineers, Project Managers and Principals with a former Florida company and since Pigeon–Roberts was formed on 2005. The staff of Pigeon–Roberts & Associates, LLC has been strategically assembled to include the highly qualified and experienced engineers, surveyors, technicians and field support personnel accustomed to working with projects from conceptual thoughts to completed development and construction close–out, including those involving industrial resin flooring. This type of flooring is particularly beneficial for its durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic appeal, making it a popular choice for various commercial and industrial applications. Our staff shares a commitment to provide our clients with experienced consultation, quality performance, accurate work products, and completed assignments on schedule, including comprehensive snagging surveys, ensuring thorough attention to detail throughout every project phase. Our Ocala office provides ready access to all local governments as well as short commutes throughout west central Florida to regulatory and government agencies. For those seeking advice on scissor lifts, you can read more here.

For more than two decades, the principals of the firm have been privileged to serve some of the area’s largest master–planned communities, institutions and high profile commercial development projects with civil site engineering, surveying, construction administration, land planning and complete project permitting assistance. Hundreds of commercial, institutional, schools and residential projects can be seen throughout west central Florida as a result of work and services previously completed by the principals and staff at Pigeon–Roberts & Associates, LLC.

Mr. Pigeon joined the firm of Henigar & Ray Engineering & Associates, Inc. in 1981, founded originally to provide services to the development community in Citrus County. The firm expanded in the 1980’s into Marion County under the direction of Mr. Pigeon as senior Vice President with the firm. Over the years the company grew to over 110 staff and over 400 nationwide. In 2004 the firm was sold and until July 2005, Mr. Pigeon served as Sr. Vice President and Division Manager of Civil Engineering with the firm and provided comprehensive civil engineering and surveying service to both private development and public sector clients throughout Florida.

In July 2005, Mr. Pigeon left the firm and Pigeon–Roberts & Associates, LLC, was started. Mr. Roberts joined the new firm as principal partner soon after and oversees all surveying services provided by the firm.

Mr. Roberts has provided services as Professional Surveyor in central Florida for over 25 years. His experience and leadership as a principal with a former firm has allowed Mr. Roberts to complete hundreds of survey projects including commercial and residential development. His experience and reputation for quality work with Boundary and ALTA surveys, subdivision platting and overall project surveyor services is demonstrated on each project and with each client.

The projects completed by the staff at Pigeon–Roberts & Associates, LLC, display design innovation, aesthetic quality and regulatory acceptability. Whether a project is small or large, personal attention, response to time schedules, coordination of necessary sub–consultant or project team professionals and fiscal responsibility have consistently led to satisfied clients, quality products and successful projects.

Pigeon–Roberts & Associates, LLC, is fully equipped with the latest Civil Engineering 3D Autocad design software products, civil engineering modeling software for water and wastewater systems, roadway design and stormwater management design. We have full large format plotting and copying capabilities, high performance computers, printers, plotters and field services equipment. Our Ocala office is fully equipped and available for client consultation and meetings as needed. Our central Florida Ocala location make for shorts drives to State regulatory agencies and governments which is a necessary work function in today’s project permitting environment.

Our Survey support capabilities include the most technologically advanced optical survey equipment for Servo, Autolock or Robotic surveying. Our new TRIMBLE 5600 Total Robotic Station Survey equipment is extremely efficient for data collection and construction stakeout. Our equipment also includes a complete GPS receiver with Rapid Tracking Technology. This equipment allows our field staff work as a single surveyor or with a multi–person crew depending on the job requirements. Our field services staff are provided with 4–wheel drive vehicles and are filly equipped for each field assignment, including cell phone communication and when necessary digital photo camera capability. We can also get equipment from https://boomlifthire.org.uk/ if heavy machinery is needed for a project. Additionally, we specialize in GPR surveys for accurate subsurface mapping, enhancing our comprehensive surveying capabilities. Also, consider this topographical survey company, they are dedicated to providing precise and reliable survey data for a wide range of projects.

Quality products and quality of service are an ever important and conscience aspect of the daily work at Pigeon–Roberts & Associates. We realize and understand that the reputation of the company and future work requests come from quality work and satisfied clients. Quality of work not only includes correct and accurate documents, good looking and clear documents, but equally important a quality project is the quality of client communications, regulatory agency relationships and document processing, and providing the service needed on time and within budget. Quality control at Pigeon–Roberts & Associates starts with each staff member working on assignment. From project start and setup with clearly defined scopes of work, budgets and schedules to written project implementation plans for larger projects each staff and the client know what is needed and what to expect. During the course of a project, and with all larger projects a series of document reviews in–house and if needed a series of 30%, 60%, 90%, and final documents are prepared and reviewed. All final documents, reports and plans are reviewed by the Project Manager and Principal–in–charge to assure a quality product is presented. Quality control also includes proper document management. Documents prepared at the firm include various correspondence, maps and plans, specifications and calculations as well as reports, contracts, accounting documents and employee records. Pigeon–Roberts has, thru years of experience, recognized the importance of proper document management, storage and retrieval as well as security, backup and protection. Pigeon–Roberts & Associates, LLC has various systems in place for filing, electronic copy and storage on–site and off–site, indexing and security to maintain the work products and records of the firm.