Civil Site Design Services

Our engineering staff is experienced in all aspects of civil site design, site planning and permitting.

Pigeon–Roberts & Associates takes a full service approach to civil site design project assignments and provides the necessary coordination to plan appropriate site use and function, perform necessary due diligence services for the owners consideration, coordination of related services needed to develop the site such as environmental reviews and assessments, geotechnical explorations, site surveys, zoning and land use changes, traffic studies and analysis and more.

Proper knowledge of land development regulations, water management district requirements, zoning and land use requirements and many other governing rules and procedures is key and essential for utilization of may sites. Pigeon–Roberts & Associates assists clients to understand the limitations, issues and procedures to develop a site.

Our more specific site engineering services include preparation of site plans, geometry and layout plans, grading and drainage plans, utility plans, parking and pavement plans, stormwater pollution prevention and erosion control plans, demolition plans, tree preservation plans and landscaping plans, and many more plan illustration designs, details and specifications to define and document to necessary work or construction needs for site development.

Projects completed by Pigeon–Roberts & Associates and/or key staff in the firm have ranged from large commercial retail development sites to single building doctors offices and/or businesses. Our experience includes electrical sub-station site design, telecommunications sites, water and wastewater facility sites, industrial parks and individual building sites, maintenance facilities, public works facilities, recreation parks, ballfields and public park facilities, hospitals and institutional facilities, firs stations, and many more public works and private site designs. The work of our staff has spanned many agencies and clients including Cities, Counties, FDOT, Sumter Electric Coop., Progress Energy, Private developers, Churches, School Boards, and more.