YMCA of Citrus County

PR&A worked with the YMCA to complete all Civil/Site Engineering and Surveying Services for the development of the new YMCA facility in Citrus County, Florida.  The YMCA facility includes approximately 10,000 SF of building, two sports fields, associated parking, stormwater management facilities and public service utilities including water and sewer services from Citrus County Utilities. Final plans included development of a 4-lane access roadway from CR 486 to be used as a shared roadway with the adjacent Citrus County School Board property.

Silver Springs Shores Unit 26

PR&A provided both Engineering and Surveying Services to the Marion County Clean Water Program for stormwater management system improvements to reduce and address localized flooding in the Silver Springs Shores Unit 26 Subdivision.  Specifically, the project involved designing two additional drainage retention areas, expansion of two previously constructed drainage retention areas, improvement of the existing stormwater conveyance systems (including the design of new stormwater piping systems) and discharge structures. The project also included assisting the County with a formal request for two upland easements from the Division of State Lands.

Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park Entrance Road

From campers to buses, visitors to Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park can now navigate through the park’s entrance safely and with ease. PR&A’s innovative design enables even the most palatial of motor homes to easily and safely access the park with wider lanes for turn maneuverability. PR&A completed all civil/site engineering and surveying services for the park–including removal of the existing driveway, and design of the new driveway connection to Rock Crusher Road. Site work also included grading, conventional drainage and storm drainage design.

HPH Hospice

PR&A provided innovative engineering and surveying expertise for the development of HPH Hospice’s new 35,000 square-foot “end of life” care facility in Citrus County.

Services included master planning, zoning, schematic design layout, drainage system analysis, permitting, bid assistance, construction stage administration, and final As-Built Certification to Citrus County and the Water Management District.

Meadowcrest Community Association

Since 2005, PR&A has provided as consulting services for the Meadowcrest Community Association as needed. Projects range in scope from traffic studies and roadway improvement programs, to facilities concept design and layout.

Services have included engineering, surveying, and CEI for investigation, design, contract document preparation, project bidding and construction management purposes. Geotechnical and subcontract coordination have also been provided.

Black Diamond Roadway Resurfacing & Maintenance Program

PR&A assisted the Black Diamond Property Owner’s Association (POA) with a current review of the roadway and drainage infrastructure in the development providing a review of the condition and life expectancy of the roadway components for sixteen miles of roadways.  PR&A also did an analysis on the site conditions that may affect the life expectancy of the road components and provided estimates on remaining life or need for major repairs. PR&A services included a physical analysis of the asphalt pavement, concrete curb and gutters, catch basins, stormwater drain systems, fences, entrance sign and entrance and common development walls and signage.