SR 50 Utility Relocation

PR&A provided extensive utility adjustment and utility relocation design services for this State Road project. Segment 1 of the State Road 50 project included SR 50 widening to a 6-lane facility. The design and adjustments of watermains included a new 24-inch casing Jack & Bore crossing,  and pipelines as large as 20-inch diameter. This 3.76 mile project included  significant project components and over 3,500 Lf of 12-inch watermain, 3,845 LF of 16-inch DIP watermain, segmants of 18” and 20” watermain and over 850 LF of force main adjustments.  Special Generic Pay Items were created and include a new 16-inch pressure control valve assembly.  PR&A was the first consultant to utilize the new Generic Pay Item process.  PR&A coordinated an approval from FDOT to allow a large portion of existing 18-inch watermain, that would become too shallow with the new roadway profile, to remain in place with the installation of a paved concrete ditch over the  pipe for proteciton.  Our heavy equipment operators also had telehandler training near me which helps prevent accidents on site.