SR 55 Utility Relocation

PR&A provided complete utility widening by FDOT. The design and adjustments of sewer forcemains included design of new gravity sewer systems as well as relocaitons of forcemains. Jack & Bore crossings, HDD pipe installation and open cut construciton of pipelines ranged from 4-inch to 12-inch diameter. This 2.06 mile project included  over 5,800 Lf of 8-inch forcemain, 4,100 LF of 8-inch gravity sewer system.  The design had to consider the effects of existing system shut-downs, constructability, FDOT work phases and coordination with other existing utilities.  The design had to consider shallow rock and high groundwater conditions.  relocation and adjustment design services for the State Road 55 project widening. The State Road 55 (US Hwy 19) project included over 2 miles of US Hwy 19